Pets are offered an array of services formulated to their specific needs. We use premium, all natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Cologne; All tools and equipment are sanitized after each pet is groomed. We recommend your pet be on a regular grooming schedule every 6 - 8 weeks. 

Every groom includes the following:

*A thorough wellness check up

*Coat brushing/clipping to remove all tangles and excess coat

*Pads trimmed

*Ears checked, cleaned and deodorized 

*Sanitary trim

*Nails trimmed and filed smooth

*A gentle and warm, hydro-massage bath with appropriate shampoo and conditioner

*Towel and blow drying (No cage drying)

*Hair cut or hand stripping specific to breed or your individual preference.

*Cologne, and bows or decorative scarves.

Additional Add~0n Services:

*Nail g​rinding

*Tooth brushing

*FurminatorShed-Less Treatment: help reduce shedding up to 90%

*Parasite Removal and Flea Shampoo (Flea Bath automatic if fleas or ticks are found)

For appointments call: